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Jimmy Carter, Peanuts to the Presidency, follows Carter’s rise from obscurity to national prominence. In the tradition of “The Making of The President,” this film weaves a unique story of the unknown peanut farmer campaigning to  become president. Appearing on a national television game show just a year before the nomination, no one knew who he was.
Viewers will get a glimpse of the behind the scenes politicking as well as Carter’s arduous cross-country campaigning, the primaries and the Democratic Convention. Political commercials, the Ford-Carter debates, and the election itself show Carter in his private moments with family and close friends plus footage never before seen.
Appearing in the film is Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Wallace, Henry Jackson, Morris Udall, Jody Powell Hamilton Jordan, and many more.

Written by Washington correspondent Kandy Stroud and produced by Academy Award® nominee Chuck Braverman, this is an historical film not to be missed.

Running time 75 minutes.